“The Magic Valley Young Professionals had the pleasure of receiving personality training from Megan Hudson at one of our regularly scheduled professional development sessions. Professional development is one of the pillars of what the Magic Valley Young Professionals are founded on. Her presentation was insightful and frequently entertaining. This presentation was carefully designed with the touch of a master’s hand and skillfully aided us in discovering our own blind spots within our personality. This training has already proved most valuable in understanding how some of the people we encounter on a regular basis at work, or at home, approach a situation from a different angle than we might and how to exist in harmony to have a cohesive team.”

Angela Miller

President of Magic Valley Young Professionals 

Idaho Youth Ranch

“Megan Hudson has been a volunteer with the Idaho Youth Ranch- YOUTHWORKS! program since June 2018. Megan has been a facilitator for our Summer Job Training program designed for high school students. Megan has brought enthusiasm and knowledge that improves our Customer Service and Communication workshop. Megan’s creative and interactive approach to facilitation engages our clients  who generally have a short attention span and have a hard time sitting through a 4 hour training. Megan has been an asset to our program and we hope she will continue to bless us with her time and expertise.”

Brianna Woolsey

Program Manager, Idaho Youth Ranch

Next Steps Program (Alumni Relations and YOUTHWORKS!)

Community Library

“Megan Hudson has been an asset in helping our organization streamline the project management process.   She is a first-rate facilitator and thoroughly researches issues specific to our needs.  Furthermore, her notes following discussions are well organized, accurate and easily understood.  I find myself referring to the reports she provides before, during, and after project execution.”

Anne Abrams, Communications Director

Community Library Network

Bledsoe Group

“I am very happy with the way that the training went and the level of attention that the employees gave it.  Megan’s responses to the employee discussion seemed well put together and respectful.  Megan did a great job!  Her presentation style really fits well with our group.  I appreciate the knowledge she has shared with our team.”

Randy Odenbrett
CEO, The Bledsoe Group

Association of Idaho Cities

“Megan Hudson is a wonderful, engaging speaker with the liveliness a room needs to stay awake!  She always brings the highest level of energy and enthusiasm to her presentations. She is a lot of fun to listen to and her message is very relevant to our attendees that work on the front lines as public servants.  Megan has provided tools that inspire not only the working aspect of lives but the ones we can use to improve personally as well.  We are always ready to welcome Megan back to our events!”

Shiela Christensen

Association of Idaho Cities